Where in the world is Mommy this week?

With this new job of mine, I'll be doing some traveling. So I've decided to start a new feature, "Where in the world is Mommy this week?"

And the answer is ... Newport News, Virginia, home to the Daily Press, which is a 87,722 circulation newspaper owned by Tribune. Located not too far from Portsmouth, VA, one of the oldest settlements in the United States, there's lots to see and do if you're a history buff. This week I have been working on their Agate (ugh!) and also presenting an interesting course on teaching and training techniques (just what you need to do to prepare for training and then be the "best" trainer you can be!).

This trip, I find myself eating my way though Newport News and Norfolk. Two nights ago, we found a quaint little Italian place that was so yummy. And last night we went to Freemason Abbey, located in a 127 year-old renovated church in the historic Freemason Harbor area of Norfolk. Though the food (prime rib) and my chocolate cake were awesome, even better was the walk around the harbor area.

While we were out walking I discovered the Mermaids on Parade ... beautifully decorated mermaids can be found throughout the city. Each mermaid tells part of the story "There Goes a Mermaid - A Norfolk Tale." According to one review, "fact and fantasy are woven together in this engaging new folktale of the Norfolk Mermaids and their role in the Hampton Roads Community." Depending on what trail you take, you'll see a different set of mermaids and be able to read a different version of the story. I think Shelby would like the see the

mermaids (lots of them are quite sparkly), so maybe if I come back to the Daily Press then Mike and Shelby can join me for some mermaid fun. Also, not far from here is Colonial Williamsburg, where you can explore Pre-Revolutionary America.

So there you go. Kimberly can be found in Newport News, Virginia. Read more about the highly historic and interesting part of the country at the Daily Press' Web Site, http://www.dailypress.com/.