Is my Papa Charlie Daniels?

In my office at home, I have a picture of me with Charlie Daniels. It was taken at the Antelope Valley Fair when I was an entertainment writer at the Antelope Valley Press. It's included in a page layout that my former editor (Dede Dinus) created for me when I left the Valley Press to work for DTI. Anyway, the other day, Shelby noticed the picture and this is the conversation she had about it with Mike.

S: "Daddy, why is Mama with Papa in that picture on the wall?"
D: "That's not Papa, that's Charlie Daniels."
S: "Who's he? He looks a lot like Papa ... "
D: "Yeah, if Papa were fat, wore bad polos and had a big-ol' beard."
S: "Oh ... he's not Papa."

I'm not sure if my dad should be offended or flattered?