Napping at the Pool
After talking about the pool and talking about going to the pool for a much needed swim ... we finally planned a trip to the pool. Last summer we went to the pool a couple times a week and had so much fun splashin' away. Luckily, we found a city pool close to our house, but much to our surprise it doesn't open until noon -- right at Shelby's nap time. Why wouldn't the pool open earlier? It's already 100 degrees by 9 a.m. ... every day ... all summer long!
But, since we promised we'd take her, we decided to skip the nap for the day and just try out the new pool. Before we headed to the pool, we ran some errands to kill time and not surprisingly, Shelby fell asleep in the car! But this didn't stop us! I decided I'd take her in to the pool area, make a little bed for her on the grass and wait until she woke up. This way she'd get her nap AND pool time. She didn't nap very long and these are pictures of a very groggy Shelby waking up the pool ... not so sure where she's at.