Some things to put you in a good mood ...

as seen in Glamour magazine (I modified the list slightly).

1. Google your first head-over-heels summer love. Consider sending him an e-mail.
2. Get rid of some unhappiness: Let go of a grudge, forgive a slight, unload a worry.
3. Give dark nail polish the summer off. Yes, it’s edgy, but nothing beats looking down at 10 pretty pastels.
4. See The Bourne Ultimatum just for brainy Matty D.’s biceps.
5. Eat plenty of pink: lemonade, grapefruit, champagne, frosting.
6. Marco? Polo!
7. Use your sexy walk. Take all catcalls as compliments.
8. Open drawer. Insert BlackBerry. Close drawer. Walk away.
9. Skip makeup for a day and call it your new nude look.
10. Sit in front of a freezing-cold air conditioner in a darkened room and have an all-day screening of winter movies like Doctor Zhivago, Never Cry Wolf, March of the Penguins.
11. Plant something. Watch it grow. Eat it with a nice vinaigrette.
12. Spend 15 minutes browsing for sandals at, which has—no joke—338 pairs under $40. And have you seen their handbag offerings?
13. Naked sleeping, naked TV watching, naked iPod updating, naked tub scrubbing…need we go on?
14. Download the singsongy ice cream truck jingle as your ringtone (for as long as you can stand it). Just search online for “download ice cream truck ringtone”—it actually works!
15. Give the kid a whole dollar for the lemonade.
16. Dip your feet in a cool, crisp body of water (yes, a blow-up pool counts).
17. Order the 2½-pound lobster. Of course you can finish it! 18. “Don’t worry about a thing. ‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright.” Repeat anytime you need a Bob Marley moment.
19. Get a dog. Do it! You know you want to.
20. Put a pair of sunglasses on a baby strictly for your own enjoyment.
21. Entertain your fellow drivers by singing out loud to the radio with the windows down. Also, make “air waves” with your hands.
22. Add fresh mint to all cold beverages.
23. Price a quickie weekend trip to Vegas. Yeah, it’s hotter ‘n hell there, but the fun is all indoors.
24. Be barefoot more often than is socially appropriate.
25. Hit the beach or pool at sundown, when all the crowds have gone. Have yourself a lovely solo swim.
26. Celebrate Take Your Sundress to Work Day. Wear an office-y little sweater, but know that underneath it you have the day off.
27. Turn 360 degrees and identify five things around you that are making your life more beautiful right now. 28. Call Kimberly, Shelby and Mike ... we'll chat you up and put a smile on your face. 29. Heck, just email us. We'll be sure to write back and share a funny story. 30. Kiss someone you love. I mean really kiss 'em. And make sure you tell them how much they mean to you.