Precious Prayers

Every night when Shelby goes to bed, the routine is the same. After she gets her jammies on, she picks out a book; we snuggle in her bed; read the story of choice; sing a song; and then say our prayers. Shelby likes Mike or I to start off with our own prayer and then she does hers. She is so sweet and so sincere when she prays. Last night she thanked the Lord for her family "because they are so delicious." And a few nights ago she said "I'm so thankful for my lovely new house." She always asks Heavenly Father to bless her family, near and far. And she never forgets to ask for special blessings for Cassius.

My favorite prayers are the ones where she tells Heavenly Father all the things that make her happy and then exclaims, "Thank You God, thank you so much." If we could all be as grateful as she is, maybe we wouldn't be so crabby all the time?!