Family time at the D'Backs

Little Miss Shelby Rose checking out the action at another major league baseball game -- the Diamondbacks and St. Louis.

What a great day we had today. It's started off wonderful for me, 'cause Daddy and Shelby let me sleep in. It's Sunday and all, so Mama got the treat of staying in bed just a little longer. Then Mike played racquetball with his dad and came home revving to go. So we packed up our stuff and headed to Phoenix for a little Diamondbacks' baseball.
We got there plenty early, so we had lunch at Sliders, which is right across the street from the stadium. Shelb devoured her corn dog and seemed to really enjoy all the excitement.

Even though the game was somewhat of a nail-bitter (no scoring, D'Backs down, and they rally for a big win late in the game), Shelby's favorite part was when we took her to the kids' play area. She ran around like a wild woman with all the other kids and had a blast. Then we went shopping and Shelby picked out some D'Back pom-poms for her "prize" for being so well behaved. And we got the cutest little baby boy outfits for our friends in Las Vegas, Stacy and Glenn, who welcomed a new baby boy into their family earlier this summer.