Go light on the makeup little girl!

Shelby likes to watch me get ready in the morning. She often comes into my bathroom and hangs out with me while I go through my "beauty" routine. She asks me lots of questions ("What's that?" "Why are you doing that?" And "Can I try some of that?") and we talk about what's going on in our lives ("Taylor didn't come to school yesterday." "Annie asked me what my mommy's name is." Or "Pheobe has pink Crocs too, just like me.")

Shelb is most fascinated with my makeup and often asks if she can put on some of my blush or lipstick. She's always trying to get into my makeup bag, so I decided I'd get her her own ... to keep her from destroying all of my makeup. I saw some makeup in the dollar bins at Target the other day, so I filled up a little pink makeup bag with a variety of $1 buys and presented it to Shelby. She was absolutely thrilled. She ripped right into the blue eyeshadow and went to work on making herself beautiful. By the time we got home, she was ALL made up! And I was regretting my decision of putting real eyeshadow in the bag and blue eyeshadow to boot!
On a completely unrelated note, Mike and I had lunch with Shelby again today. When we walked in, she jumped up from her seat and showed us each where we could sit. She has set out napkins, forks and cups for us at her table and was anxiously awaiting our arrival. Here's a cute picture of Shelb and Daddy sitting together at one of those itty-bitty tables! They look even smaller when Mike is sitting at one.