I love Shelby's Preschool

And so does Shelby. Before we moved to Tucson, Mike and I visited a ton of preschools, trying to find the perfect place for Shelby to go. We were so happy with her school in Las Vegas and were sad to leave it behind. But, we found something even better in Tucson. Shelby attends Young Life Christian Learning Center, a Reggio-style preschool. They follow the philosophy that the children should engage all five senses with each activity. So, they'll paint with pudding ... so they can feel it, smell it, taste it, etc. Shelby loves it there. She adores her teachers. And she's made a ton of great little friends. I like the fact that it's so small. There are only 15 kids there, so they all get a ton of attention.

Right away, I knew I liked the school and Shelby confirmed her love of YLCLC when she said to me today, "Mom, sometimes when I'm at school I don't miss you. I have fun there and I don't miss you." I'd say that's a pretty strong endorsement of YLCLC.

This week at YLCLC they're having theme days. All the activities (and even lunch) are centered around a specific theme. Tuesday was Medieval Day and all the kids were knights and princesses. The boys made suits of armour and the girls made wands and crowns. Wednesday they had a luau. Today was Sports Day. And tomorrow is Alphabet Day. Additionally, this week all the parents were invited to have lunch with their children -- just to see how things are done and spend some time at school. I asked Shelby when she wanted me to come and she picked Sports Day. And she also wanted both mom and dad to come on Alphabet Day.

So today, I sat in a little-bitty chair, at a little-bitty table and enjoyed lunch with Shelby. She was so thrilled to have me there. It made me feel quite special. We had hot dogs, corn and watermelon. Shelb actually ate TWO hot dogs, FOUR servings of watermelon, all of her corn and TWO classes on milk! I shouldn't ever worry about her getting enough to eat. She's such a good eater!
We'll be back there tomorrow for alphabet soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.