There's nothing quite like a full belly.

On her blog, my old friend Kelsi (old as in I've known her since I was 11) posted a link to a really cool site with some of the yummiest recipes I've ever seen. I was mesmerized by all the good eats at The Pioneer Woman Cooks and immediately felt the urge to cook.

I found a recipe for beans and cornbread and knew I just had to make it. It was something that I could actually eat, even on my highly restrictive and not-so-fun-or-yummy diet, and it looked pretty easy (key for me).

Luckily, I had everything I needed in my pantry and got cooking. I was so wrapped up in cooking, I never took any pictures of my creation, but Mike loved the beans (this is a big compliment, as his Oklahoma-breed mother is the queen of beans) and Shelby had a fabulous time working as my assistant. She did most of the work on the cornbread ... all by herself. She loved going to the refrigerator and pantry, collecting all the ingredients. And she was so proud of herself when she cracked the egg on her own and got it in the mix bowl with out making a mess! No shells in the batter either, so she's already a pro. It was so much fun to cook together, I want to do it more often.
We had a carpet picnic, watched the D'backs and chowed down on some scrumptious food. Mike even said my beans were as good (if not better) than his moms! Shelb on the other hand was more interested in the cornbread, which she ate with butter and honey.
I'm sure I'll be checking in with the Pioneer Woman. A lot. Next up for me will be the roasted beef tenderloin. Thanks Kels for the link. Mike thanks you too!