A little project

I've been feeling very crafty lately, but haven't been as motivated as I'd like. Seeing my sister's handy work prompted me to get going. Shelby's school had sent home a little album that we were suppose to embellish, add pictures and such, and then send it back. It's a book all about Shelb and her family. Well, we got to work on it (Shelby was my helper) and we finished it this weekend. It's so cute. And it was super easy.

Now, I'm working on some Halloween projects. Shelby is super excited about Halloween, so when we went to Michael's this weekend, we pick out some supplies to make a Halloween door sign (it says "Boo"). I've painted all the wood letters, and it's drying now. And then it'll be time to add lots of fun do-dads. If it turns out cute, I think I'm going to make one for each of my sisters (sister and sisters-in-law).