If my husband was ever going to leave me ...

it would be for Neko Case. But I feel pretty good about my marriage, so for my birthday (it was yesterday) we went to see Neko Case in concert at the Rialto Theatre. Mike had never seen her live in concert, though we've watched one of her concert DVDs a million times. She has the most incredible voice and she's such a talented song writer. It was a great show, and since it started fairly early, I wasn't completely dead on my feet.
Before the show, we had dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa, this amazing Mexican restaurant in downtown Tucson. The menu is different each day and there are only about 10 things to choose from. We decided to be brave and ordered the Poca Cosa platter, where the chef picks three of the day's offerings and your taste buds get a delicious surprise. Mike and I both ordered one, so we got to taste 6 different menu items ... and can I just tell you everything we had was mouth watering. Unbelievably good. I can't wait to go back.
Shelby was so excited to present me with the birthday gift she picked out and paid for (Daddy gave her his credit card in the store and then let Shelby walk about to the register and tell the lady what she was buying and why). She was so proud of herself. She hid the present and then made me close my eyes before she'd give to to me.
Tonight, we're all going out to dinner with Mike's parents and Aunt Dorothy for some more birthday celebrations. I'm trying to stretch my birthday out over a few days!