Our future model

Shelby is such a ham. Get a camera out and she starts to pose. She has been looking so much older the last few weeks, and just so cute ... so I had to get some pictures. She's really into Hello Kitty, so she was modeling one of her cute little Hello Kitty tops. Mike had her stand on our dining room table, because the light in there is better and he wanted her at his level. She willing struck a few poses and then jumped off the table. Yep, jumped off. She's a little bit of a daredevil. On landing, she hit her nose on the floor and started to cry for a Band Aid. She also obsessed with Band Aids right now. Any time she hurts herself, she has to have one. Even if there is no blood, no scratch, no nothing. So, she insisted on having a Hello Kitty Band Aid for her nose.

Even with the Band Aid on her nose, she looks so adorable.

My secert weapon for putting a smile back on Shelby's face ... a piece of Halloween candy.
Mission accomplished. She made her choice and the smile is back.