Pork Fat!

As much as we can, we try to host Sunday dinner at our house ... and this Sunday was one of those occasions. Luckily, Mike whipped up a gourmet meal for us, his parents and his great-aunt Dorothy, and my job was just clean up! On the menu were pork medallions, cut from a very yummy pork tenderloin I got at Costco. Mike likes to check out recipes and podcasts by The Minimalist (columnist Mark Bittman at The New York Times) and that's where he found the recipes he used. He braised the pork, cut the medallions and then finished cooking them in a sauce made with heavy cream and apple cider. Yummy. He served it with a pasta dish that included grape tomatoes, arugula and Gorgonzola cheese. Talk about fancy!

As always, Shelby wanted to help cook. You can see from the slide show above that she was quite interested in the pork fat Mike was cutting off the tenderloin. She was fascinated with it and wanted to play with it while Daddy cut more off. She even made a bracelet out of one piece. I say gross, but Shelby isn't grossed out by much. Not to worry, we thoroughly washed our hands when we were all done playing with the pork fat!

I did do a little more than just clean up. I made some pumpkin spice cookies from a recipe I found in my new diabetic cookbook and because I used wheat flour and Splenda, I was able to enjoy these tasty treats.