Weren't we cute!?

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Here's a picture of me (left) and my sister Amy. We were pretty cute kids, if I do say so myself. Though I can't say I love my haircut!
Amy is working on a project for her moms' group in Rio Rancho, NM and needed this picture of us to use on a scrapbook page. It was fun to dig it out of my box of childhood pictures and reminisce a bit. I remember when we took this picture and how much fun we were having. We look so happy.
It's nice to have a sister. Especially when you have a lot of brothers like I do. Here's hoping my sister is having a great day.
P.S. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I asked Shelby what she was thankful for last night. The first thing she said was, "Auntie Amy." So Shelby is glad I have a sister too.