A whole lotta snow

The Log

Shelby and I went to Flagstaff for a few days. Grammy Joyce and Papa Rod (Joyce and Rod Bruce) just bought a vacation/retirement home there. So we headed up north to see them, as well as Jennie and the girls (Emma and Grace).
As I pulled into Flagstaff it we snowing at it didn't stop for almost 36 hours. The entire town was covered in snow and all of us at the Bruce house (affectionately referred to as The Log) were effectively snowed in! Funny how history repeats itself ... Jen and I were snowed in with her parents about 16 years ago when we were seniors in high school. The only difference was, it was in Pine Top, Arizona and we weren't as happy to be there (we were teenagers)!

The story gets better. Jennie managed to get her big ol' Yukon stuck in the driveway. And then somehow the battery died. When I was arriving, her car passed me on a tow truck. So they were stuck without a car and piles of snow. I didn't even try to make it up the driveway, since my car was the only transportation we had. We went to the grocery store and stocked up and quickly found all the girls some snow gear. Then it was time to relax and enjoy The Log and all the snow.
Jennie is a fabulous cook, so she made us some yummy dinners. And the girls went sledding down the log driveway between craft projects and movie time. I was happy just to sit in front of the fire and read.
Me and Jennie, at Cracker Barrel, just before Shelb and I headed home.
Jennie and I have known each other for 20 years. We meet in our freshman health class when I was just 13 years old! We didn't hit it off instantly, but by the time we were juniors we were pretty much inseparable. I was in the delivery room with her when Emma was born. And she was there with me when Shelby was born. I'm so excited to the Bruce/Navarro family so close to me now. Flagstaff is only about a 4 hour drive, which means a lot of visit in the future. Jennie and her parents (and the rest of the Bruce/Navarro clan) are like family ...I'm so blessed to have them in my life.