Good Times
Building a Gingerbread House

Nana is quite dedicated to little Shelby. They have a lot of fun together. About 6 weeks ago, Nana bought a gingerbread house kits for Shelby and we've been making plans to put it together ever since. Shelby loves all things Christmas, so she was thrilled with the idea.

So Nana brought the kit over to our house and we went to work. Now, please remember, we worked hard on this project don't laugh at it. If you look at it from far away (an squint) it looks fabulous. And Shelby had a blast doing it, so that's all that matters!

Here's the finished product ... a little sad looking, but it has a happy heart.

Shelby adores her gingerbread house. She keeps moving it to different spots around the house, looking for the best spot to display it.