Just for Lisa. My one, loyal reader!

Ask and you shall receive. Excuse the self portrait, but you asked to see my hair and I'm home alone at the moment. Well, Cassius is here, but he's not so good with the camera. And since it was a pretty slow day in my life, I'm wearing no makeup and my glasses ... hence the side, no-face shots.

Shelby got some ballet gear. She has been begging for "ballet clothes," ever since her preschool started having weekly dance classes. Yesterday, we went to Target and this is what she picked out. She went with the black number instead of pink, as "it had jewels." I call this photo, "Ballerina on Scooter."

A shot of our living room from the stairs. It finally has furniture! Thanks to Big Mike, Nana, Papa, Mama Shelley, and Great Aunt Dorothy. They contributed to the "we need furniture for Christmas fund," which was promptly spent at Ikea. Love that place. Mike and I are Ikea newbies and fell in love with the place right away. Luckily the closest one is in Tempe, so I can't go in there all the time!

On a side note, the piano belonged to Mike's mom. She got it when she was a little girl and now Shelby loves to play it. I want to get her lessons, but everyone tells me she too young.