Just not in a bloggin' mood

Nope, I haven't been in the mood to blog. Sorry. It's not like there's not lots of stuff going on. There is. Shelby is as funny as ever. Getting funnier by the minute. She has taken to singing "You are my sunshine" at the top of her lungs. Mike is working on a cool side project that has some serious potential (more to come in the future). I colored my hair. It's red, well it's always red, but this time it's REALLY red. Cassius, is well, Cassius. He's found a spot in the living room that he loves because the sun shines in just right and he can soak up the warm rays.

We've gotten pretty serious about health and nutrition. I've been cooking like a mad woman. All three of us have been walking together. Mike has already lost eight pounds and I'm down another three.

This is Shelby's new favorite pose. She cocks her head to one side and scrunches up her face. It cracks me up. She does it all the time now.

And here's one where we actually got her to look and smile at the camera. What a little angel she is!