Happy Caucus Day!

That's our newest greeting around our house. During the Christmas season, Shelby loved to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday. So, with the holidays over, we needed to come up with a new greeting. On Thursday, we were watching all the coverage of the Iowa caucuses and Shelby was actually pretty interested, asking all sorts of questions .. "Who's that? What are they doing? Why are we watching this?" So I told her it was "Caucus Day" and she replied, "Happy Caucus Day."

Now, if the news is on TV, Shelby can pick out Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Every time she sees one of them on, she announces our "caucus movie" is on again.

In case you were wondering, Shelby does have an opinion about the upcoming elections.
When asked, "Does anyone care about Iowa?" Shelby said, "Nooope."

When asked, "Will Edwards win?" Shelby said, "Nooope."

When asked, "Will Obama win?" Shelby said, "Umm, I think so."

She likes the sound of Huckabee's name, but what 3-year-old wouldn't? She giggles each time she says it. She also giggles when she sees Michelle Obama as I told her her she was Obama's Mama. She likes to dance around, shake her hips and chant "O - bam -a's Ma - Ma."
Who would have thought a soon to be 4-year-old would be so interested in politics? But she loves watching the news and it's fun to tell her all about how we will elect our next president. I guess it never hurts to start early.