Happy New Year

If 2008 is anything like this past year, then we're in for some GREAT things. Hope your new year is filled with love, excitement and good health. Shelby and Cassius send lots of love and kisses your way ... aren't they cute? Shelby calls Cassius her doggy brother and just loves him so much. They are so precious together and man does he put up with a lot from her.

With the New Year here, I'm recommitting to taking better care of myself. I have always wanted to run (or walk) a marathon, so Mike and I have decided to do it together. We are going to aim to walk it, but if all the training goes well, maybe we'll run it. We thought setting a goal to complete a marathon will help us stay focused on being healthier, both in body and mind. This also means I have to refocus on eating the things I'm suppose to and avoiding the things (sugar) that make me sick. Eating right makes such a difference for me.

Also on our list of things to do this year ... be more politically active (as it's an election year and especially important); do more to help the environment (we can do little things like recycle and use energy saving light bulbs); read more and seek out knowledge on a regular basis (education and knowledge are the key to solving so many of life's problems) and and continuing to spend quality time together as a family.

What are you going to do this year?