Purple-ish, Pink Sneakers

Shelby put together another classic ensemble. She's wearing these crazy red tights. Purple-ish, pink sneakers. A red and white striped Hello Kitty skirt. And a pink sweater. She picked the sneakers so she could run faster. She told me, "Mom, they give me speed." And then proceeded to run around her bedroom to show me just how much speed they gave her.

Check out these cool sneakers. Of course Shelb loves the color, but they're also another hand-me-down from Gracie, so she REALLY loves them. Gracie could give her a paper sack and Shelby would think it's awesome. She's close to out growing these sneakers, so we'll be passing them on to Savannah, Hopefully, she'll love them as much as Shelby does.

And I had to add this picture, 'cause the look on her face is just so sweet. She insisted on posing with her pink guitar (a gift from Corey and JoAnn). And kept asking me to take more pictures. She's not camera shy at all.