Perfect Park Weather

The sun was shinning today in Tucson and it was a perfect 76 degrees out. So, I couldn't resist picking Shelby up early from school and heading over to Reid Park. Reid Park is huge. It has a duck pond, multiple playgrounds, waterfalls, fountains, a dog run, a zoo, and the list goes on. After a whole lotta swinging (Shelby loves to swing), we went to check out the ducks. We chased them around the pond a bit and then Shelby made a friend with another little girl named Valerie. Being the same age, the two hit it off perfectly and played together for more than an hour. When we got in the car to go home Shelby said with a sigh, "Mom, I miss Valerie. Can she come over to our house to play?"

As you'll notice, Shelb is wearing her hippie dress again. It's her new favorite thing to wear, mostly because it came from Gracie, but she also likes the wild colors. She'll wear the dress as much as we'll let her and just switch up the under shirt, tights and shoes.

Here's a shot of Shelby and Valerie playing near the pond. They collected some sticks and used them to stir the water and attempt to poke the ducks. Luckily for the ducks, they're easily distracted and moved on to something else without a single poke.