Home Improvements

So there was this spot in our kitchen that had no cabinets and was just open, wasted space. We've talked about different ways we wanted to use or fill the space since we moved in. We've made multiple trips to Ikea doing research and finally settled on a butcher block topped cabinet with drawers and shelves, along with some shelves. Here's a look at the final project. The cabinet fits the space perfectly and adds so much counter space and storage. I love it.

We also decided to organize all of our spices. up until now, we've been storing the in a cardboard box in the pantry. Not only is this an incredibly unattractive means of storage, it's pretty ineffective. We never know what spices we have and I'm constantly searching for what I need. Enter Ikea again ... we found these little glass jars and for just $2.99 for a four pack, we were able to make our spices both pretty and functional. We used a label maker Mike brought home from the office to add the names of the spices and really make things organized (and looking GOOOOOD!).

One of my favorite additions to the space are some magnetic strips Mike bolted to the wall. You can store tins of spices, salt, rubs, etc ... or you can put you knives on them. Very cool.