Oh Idaho ...

Shelby has been hanging with Papa and Mama Shelley in Idaho for the last week. She'd been having better than a great time. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she said (or shouted), "Oh yes Mom, it's better than pizza."

Shelby and Barn Cat (their cat who they found in their barn and they now call their own)

Well, all good things must come to an end ... enter Mama, the fun spoiler. I headed up to Idaho to retrieve my little one and she was thrilled to share a little bit of her farm life with me. One of her favorite things to do up there is help her Grandma clean out the horses' stalls. She also loves to feed the cows.

This is Morty, Shelby's favorite of my parent's horses. He's smaller then their other horses, so that's why I think she likes him so much. Each night after they bring the horses into the barn, Shelby would go from horse to horse, putting her little hand out so they could smell, and then nuzzle it. She loves everything about farm life, especially the animals.

Here are the cows .. .there are a bunch of new little ones on the ranch. Even as babies these cows are pretty big. They are so cute.

Here's Grandma Shelley loving on one of the babies. A few of them will let her come right up to them and pat/pet them. Shelby likes to check out the cows, but she isn't too keen on touching them, which is fine by me.