A cowgirl at heart
Shelby may live in the deserts of Arizona, but her heart will always be in Idaho. She is a cowgirl through and through. Mama Shelley bought Shelby a new cowgirl hat and a belt (with a large, shiny buckle) to match. Shelby loves (seriously, adores) her new hat and belt. She model both of them, along with a American flag bandanna for Papa when we got back to their house.

Check out the outfit, even Max loves it.

I let Shelby pick out a bandanna when we were at CalRanch (a feed store with lots of other cowboy paraphernalia), and I thought she'd go with purple or pink. Nope, she picked the one that looks like an American flag. I tied it on her head and she thought it looked so pretty. She could wear a paper bag and look pretty (in my humble opinion).