My Angel Child

Here's Shelby coloring at LAX ...happy to be passing the time with her markers and a new coloring book.

For those of you who know Shelby well, know that she's quite strong willed. I don't call her my angel child very often. Umm actually, I never do! But let me tell you ... while traveling back from Idaho to Arizona someone replaced my wild child with an absolute angel.

Since we were using from free Southwest tickets, we took a crazy route home -- Salt Lake City to Los Angeles to Tucson. I was dreading trying to get all our stuff from the rental car to the check-in counter. But Shelby was great. She listened to everything I said and did exactly what I asked of her. And then, on our layover in LA, something else I was dreading, she was perfect. I actually had a really awesome time flying with her. We chatted, colored and laughed all the way home! Maybe being four has made the difference, 'cause all the sudden she seems so grown up.

Our view from Shelby's window.

Most of the plane ride, Shelby read, played with some of her toys and ate her snacks. But as we got closer to Tucson, she was looking out the window trying to find our house. She was sure she'd be able to see Cassius and Bruno running around in our backyard.

And here Shelby when we landed. She said it was too loud, hence the ear covering. As we were waiting to get off the plane, Shelby said, "Mama, I'm so glad to be home. Everyone in my town missed me." Yes, yes we did.