This is why I shouldn't have scissors

I tried to trim Shelby's bangs. Big mistake.

It all started when I mentioned to my Dad that I thought Shelby's bangs were too long. They were in her eyes and were really bothering me. I asked him for some scissors and he suggested using his beard trimmer for the job. Not a good idea. I finally had to just stop trimming, as I was making it worse with every buzz of the electric trimmers. And if I kept going, Shelby wouldn't have any hair. In my defense, her bangs looked pretty straight when they were wet. My dad even agreed with me. But in the morning, they looked HORRIBLE!

Mike managed to salvage the cut when we got home ... at least she's not walking around with crooked bangs now. I seriously have to take her into a salon and have them fix my mess! Poor girl (she did have to travel from Idaho back to Tucson with her messed up hair, so I might owe her some therapy sessions).