Exploring Saguaro National Park

We didn't want Auntie Amy, the kids and Papa to come all the way to Arizona and only see the inside of our house. So we packed up all the kiddos and headed out to Saguaro National Park. It's hard to describe just how beautiful the desert in Tucson is, it's not just rocks and tumble weeds. You really have to see it to understand.

Saguaro National Park’s two districts offer more than 165 miles (264 km) of hiking trails. A hike at Saguaro National Park can be a stroll on a short interpretive nature trail or a day-long wilderness trek. We visited the East district, as it's closer to our house and more dramatic (in my opinion).

We capped off our trip to Saguaro National Park with dinner at Molina Midway. I love all of the Molina restaurants ... great Chile con carne. We wore the kids out with all the hiking and partying they were super well behaved.

Papa and his girls. Shelby and Savannah are attached at Papa's hip when he's around. They adore him and the feeling is mutual.