Lots of Birthday Fun

Shelby got an extra special birthday surprise ... a trampoline. When she went to Auntie Amy's house, she fell in love with their trampoline and couldn't stop talking about it. So, we decided a trampoline would be a great addition to our backyard. Shelby was so excited when she saw her new trampoline. Daddy worked very hard to get the trampoline all set up ... thanks Daddy!

All pooped out ... here's the best Shelby picture I've ever taken. After her school party and being super excited to see her Papa ... she was SO tired. She went right down for an afternoon nap, which usually isn't the case these days. After Papa read her a story and left her to sleep, Shelby put on her noise-canceling headphones on and took a super long nap. This is how I found her when I checked on her -- head phones on and her hand behind her head.