Look who's 4-years-old

The birthday kids -- Del (84) and Shelby Rose (4).

Happy Birthday Shelby Rose!

Another Year

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

I can't believe another year has come and gone ... but it has and Shelby is such a big girl. She had a party at school with her friends and then welcomed a special visitor to Tucson -- her Grandpa John. Papa came down from Idaho to visit his best girl and Shelby was thrilled.

We also had a special dinner out for Shelby's birthday at El Corral (very old Tucson restaurant with great steaks). Shelby shares her birthday with an old Kalil family friend, Del. The two of them celebrated their shared birthday with a carrot cake and a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday." Del was born 80 years before Shelby arrived in this world, so they are just a few years apart!