More Birthday Visitors
Savannah, Griffin and Shelby takin' a rest on the couch.

Shelby's big birthday party is tomorrow, so our house is quickly filling up with guests. Papa made it here yesterday and Auntie Amy rolled into Tucson today. Shelby has been counting the days until her cousins arrived.

Trevor instantly bonded with Bruno. He told Mike and I he really wants a little dog, just like Bruno. He loved on him, fed him, brushed him ... they are quite smitten with each other. All the kids were thrilled to play with our dogs, and Cassius has been on his best behavior. He will sit perfectly still while Savannah gets him a bone and waits for her to place it near his paws.

Party preparations are well underway. Here are the kiddos helping me fill the horse pinata. They also helped me assemble goody bags. Amy and I are now working on making horse-shaped chocolate suckers and baking a ton of cupcakes! Mike was given the task of feeding all the kids, so he grilled up some hot dogs and let them eat on the back porch .. .that's one smart man I married.