Family about town

We were a family about town this weekend. With all of our great weather, Tucson has a ton to do this time of year. We went to breakfast at one of our favorite places near the university and Shelby played outside while we read the newspaper. She chose to wear a dance outfit, and looked so cute running around in it.

The Race for the Cure was this weekend. Tucson Moms had a team and we raised some money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Some walked. Some "Slept in for the Cure." Others donated some cash. In the end, we met our fundraising goal and the event was a huge success.

Also going on this weekend was the 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair. They close down 4th Ave. and have tons of vendors, games, food, etc. We rode the trolley from breakfast down to the fair, which was a highlight of the day (at least for me ... I always see the trolleys, but we never ride them).
When we told Shelby we were going to take her somewhere special, she asked, "Toys r Us?" When I told her no, she asked, "Target?" Are you seeing a trend here? Anyway, when I told her we were going to go to a carnival she was quite excited. And then, when she saw some of the kiddie rides she was sold.
Shelby took a spin on the very small Ferris Wheel. I liked that it was small, made me feel like she was a little safer. She also wanted to ride on some crazy thing that spins you around at warp speed. I vetoed that.
We forgot her stroller, so she did get a little tired and had to climb up on Daddy's shoulders. she also borrowed his sunglasses, as it was pretty bright out.

And here we are at the end of our day ... waiting to take the trolley back to our car. Shelby is now the proud owner of a Hello Kitty wrestling mask, something you can usually only get on trips to Nogales, but could be found on 4th Ave. this weekend!