I am a horrible mother.

Okay, so I'm not horrible, but something very close.

Let me explain. Today, Shelby was suppose to go to a birthday party for one of her schoolmates. We got the invitation just a few days ago and luckily had nothing planned for today. Shelby was beyond excited. We left our house all dolled up, Shelby in a cute dress and ponytails, with just enough time to stop by Target to purchase a birthday present. Shelby was an angel in Target and took a lot of pride selecting a present for Phoebe. She even picked out a cute card for her with My Little Ponies on the front. Back in the car, we headed over to Ft. Lowell park and arrived RIGHT ON TIME. Or so I thought. I miss read the invitation. We were more than an hour late and the party was over. No one was there! They weren't even cleaning up, that's how late we were.

So to make up for my horribleness. I took Shelb to Austin's, an adorable old-fashion ice cream parlor. I told her she could have whatever she wanted and she picked a strawberry sundae with strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry (the most important part).
Next time Shelby is invited to a party, I'm going to make Mike look at the invitation and mark down the time in my Outlook calender .. .that way there will be two sets of eyes on the invite!

Here's my girl watching our waiter make her sundae and flirting up a storm with him. Notice the smile on her face? She wasn't too upset about missing the party and she'll take Phoebe her present on Monday when they're both back at school.