Backyard Fun

We've been working on our backyard ...well, Mike has been working on our backyard, while I've been shopping for our backyard (nice arrangement, eh?). Anyway, we now have planters built back there and a row of Oleanders. We're hoping to create a little more privacy along our back wall (and I think our neighbors would like that too ... there's a story there, but Mike won't let me blog about it. I'll gladly tell you about it if you ask).

Shelby love to play in the backyard, even if it's mostly dirt. She also likes to help Mike when he's watering the new trees. She takes her work quite seriously.

The other day, when watering the trees, she accidentally turned the hose on Mike. But once she realized what she was doing ... she did it again. And again. And as you can see from the picture, had her daddy running scared!

Good times!