Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Mike had another birthday, this time ... he's 21! We celebrated for a couple of nights, starting with dinner at Barrio Food and Drink and a concert (Cowboy Junkies) on Friday night. Then on his actual birthday (May 31), we had a family dinner at Pinnacle Peak. Serious cowboy food ... steaks, beans, corn on the cob. And it was yummy. Shelby ordered her own steak and ate the whole thing before any of us had finished our own meals! Pinnacle Peak is a little raucous ... if you wear a tie, they'll cut it off. And there is a "cowboy" town and stunt show right there on site. We took a ride on the train that goes around the property, which I think was Shelby's favorite part of the night.

The waitress brought Mike a bowl of ice cream and the whole place sang him Happy Birthday. I had also brought some cupcakes ... which Shelby seemed to like!

Happy Birthday Mike ... you're the best!