And the photo assignments never end

I am still enjoying my class. But are you? Here's another batch of photo assignments. I'm all caught up!

Day 19

Photo assignment: your scrap area right now
Remember: if it's messy, no cleaning up. I want you to capture your real life.

I don't really have a dedicated scrap area. I store all of my art supplies in a closet. The closet is in Mike's office, which we affectionately refer to as The Man Pit. Usually, if I am working on a project, I just spread everything out on the floor of The Man Pit. In this picture you can seeing I was actually sewing today, not scrapping. Mike asked me to make covers for some mix CDs he made. So I was trying to come up with something using some cool vintage cowgirl fabric. I love fabric, it's my new obsession. I can't go into a fabric store with out buying more. But I don't really sew that much ... so I'm trying to stay away from fabric stores!

Day 20

Photo assignment: your living room

This isn't actually our living room ... I call it our family room. But since we don't ever use the formal living room, I thought it would be better to snap a picture of the one we do use, umm, a lot. We hang out here all the time. I can see everything that's going on in the family room when I'm in the kitchen, which makes it the perfect place to entertain. My father-in-law calls my red wall the Charlie Manson wall. It's quite red, some might call it blood red. Shelby of course has a horse in the living room (thanks to Papa) and her drum set is in there as well. Mike's favorite thing is the big, flat screen TV, which we bought when we moved to Arizona (our one big splurge).

Day 21

Photo assignment: flowers or plants, inside or out.
Maybe it's one flower or a dozen, it's up to you. My photo is of carnations - my favorite.

Here's a close up of some flowers I have sitting on my kitchen counter. Mike gave them to me when he picked my up at the airport this weekend. I'd show the whole arrangement, except Shelby has been "stealing" flowers from the vase. She likes to take one out at a time and play with them. I don't mind, so each day she takes a new one and is a little bit happier ... if that's all she needs, then more power to her.