It's all about Watermelon

Shelby did the grocery shopping with me on Monday. And you should have seen her eye light up when she saw the huge bins full of watermelon. She loves watermelon just about as much as she loves her Mama and Daddy ... if not more! So, she asked if we could get some, for "essert" (her way of saying dessert. I couldn't resist.

Here's Shelby devouring her watermelon for "essert." Mike cut up the watermelon a filled a bowl up for her. She ate every last bit of watermelon we gave her. While eating she said, "Oh Mama, this is tasty. This is the juiciest watermelon, ever."

Shelby would rather have watermelon than candy. I am quite pleased with my little girl and how much she loves to eat and eat well. She prefers the food that's good for her over the junk. How did that happen?