Photo Assignment: Day 9

Here was my assignment for Day 9:

"For this one, gather up all the shoes that everyone wears on a regular basis and take a picture. If you're a family of one, that's okay too. Just take a picture of ALL your shoes or your favorite pair. It's completely up to you. "

So, I am still in a hotel for this one, so I couldn't gather up ALL my shoes. Or any of my family's shoes. Instead, I gathered up all of the shoes I brought to Denmark with me. I'm embarrassed to admit I packed so many shoes, but I always worry I'll want more options when I am away from home. Most of the time, I end up wearing only one or two pairs over and over again ... but I still back 8 or 9 pairs! I've even started bringing slippers ... if you're away from home much, you want to try and be as comfortable as possible.