Happy (Belated) Mother's Day

Mother's Day was super nice this year. I got to sleep in (for me this is at least sleeping in until 7:30 a.m.). I might have been able to sleep a little longer, but Shelby was beyond excited and wanted to give me my presents. So, at 7:30 Daddy couldn't hold her back any more and she came bounding into our bedroom. She had picked out the most adorable purse for me, and she and Daddy worked on a bookmark that has her picture on it. Love it. Mother's day is one of my favorite holidays, as being a mother is about the best thing I've ever done. I love being Shelby's mama. I'm lucky to have such a sweet, loving little girl. She's a pleasure to be around.

We also had brunch with Nana (Mike's Mom), Big Mike and Uncle Kelly at El Parador. Fresh shrimp. Crepes. Roast beef. Yummy, yummy and some more yumminess! We packed our bellies full and enjoyed each other's company. Shelby ate like a champ, as always, and was quite well behaved (another Mother's Day present!).

I think Shelby's favorite part of brunch was when we went outside and she got to play in the fountain.

The Kalil men posing for the camera after brunch.