More Photo Assignments

I hope I am not boring my few loyal readers with all my photo assignments, but I'm really enjoying my online art class and all of my photo assignments. Since I am in Denmark this week, I have been able to keep up with my photo assignments, but not all of my projects. I will have a lot of creative work to catch up on when I get home. Here are the last two photo assignments I've had.

{Day 7's Assignment ... Dinner}

The photo assignment for Day 7 was to take a picture of your dinner. This particular night I had dinner with two of my co-workers at Brazil Resturant. It's one of those traditional Brazlian places with lots of meat!

{Day 8's Assignment ... My favorite Drink}

The photo assignment for Day 8 was to take a picture of my favorite drink. When home, I drink a lot of Coke Zero, but Coke Zero is harder to get in Europe. Here is a Coke Light, basically Diet Coke. Notice the glass bottle? It's so hard to find glass bottles in the States, but around here they are everywhere.