What a week

I had quite a week. This morning, I spilled my orange juice all over myself, my newspaper and the table. But that wasn't all that bad compared to what I did on Wednesday.

I was in a rush to get ready. Late for a meeting. I was walking out of my hotel room and even though I felt a bit of a breeze on my backside, I didn't think much of it. That is, until one of the housekeepers at my hotel grabbed me.

"Honey, you're showing everyone your business," she said. " You need to pull your skirt down."

Humiliating? Yes. My skirt had gotten all twisted up in the back as I put my backpack on and I was indeed showing all my "stuff" to the world! Luckily, my fairy godmother of sorts caught me right as I walked out of the room, before I made it in the elevator and much worse, into the lobby!

Of course, this incident came after a long day of traveling. Lots of delays. And little sleep.

Holy cow. What a week. Luckily, I was only traveling for a few days (quick trip back East) and when I returned home, my house had been cleaned and a magic fairy (Mike) had done all the laundry, again!!!

As you can imagine, I have no picture to post with this. Not that I'd post it, even if I had it. I have very little shame, but I have to draw the line some where!