Crafter in training

Shelby is my little mini-me. Some say she looks just like me (I disagree) or at the very least, she looks like a DeMucha (maybe). But even if she doesn't look exactly like me, she very much is a mini version of me in personality and mannerisms.

Lately, she has been obsessed with crafting (she gets that from me). She spends much of her free time making "things" or projects as she likes to call them.

Her current favorite project is one she saw of Noggin -- a squid. Using a coffee filter or a paper plate for the head, she then cuts strips of paper for the squids tentacles. She uses tape to attach the tentacles to the head and she LOVES tape. The more tape the better.

Here's a picture of Shelby wearing her craft apron. It had little pockets for crayons and a bigger one for tape (at least that's what Shelb uses it for!).