Puppy Love

Bruno might just be the naughtiest dog ever. But it's so hard not to love him. Look at that sweet little face. He can poop on my rug; pee on my couches; dig up my flowers and trees; or chew up Shelby's toys ... and still, he's just so lovable.

You can see from his face and how he's snuggled up in Mike's lap that Bruno is not going anywhere! But there are many days I think I'd much rather be the proud owner of one dog, not two. Whenever he's naughty, Shelby tells me we need "to send Bruno back to the Dachshunds." I'm not sure if she means his mommy and daddy dog or the shelter that we adopted him from. But she also adds, "and when they teach him to behave, then we'll bring him home again."

So, I'm out voted, two to one. He stays.