The final push

My class is over. And I have the last of my photo assignments to show you all. Here's the final push ... and then I'll never bore you with it all again :)

Day 22

Photo assignment: laundry

I personally was very impressed with my original photo for day 22. Normally, my laundry is on the couch waiting to be put away, but this time, I was actually caught up, so it doesn't look as out of hand as it normally is. I wonder what its status will be today?

Day 23
Photo assignment: picture of something you display in your home. This photo can be of anything you have on display. I chose the cute clay creations my two big kids made while in elementary school. They're so unique and colorful - I love them! What's on display in your house? I can't wait to see!

Day 24
Photo assignment: view from your front door
I always seem to take photos of people in front of the door, but what about the view out? That is what today's assignment is all about. I love the photo I took! Two of my kids were heading out the door as I went to do the assignment, so the timing could not have been better!

Day 25
Photo assignment: mode of transportation Maybe you drive, take a bus, ride the subway, or walk… whatever it is, take a photo of it! Our main mode of transportation is our two vehicles (which, in the photo, are surprisingly clean!). What's yours?

Day 26
Photo assignment: your bedroom Remember, no straightening allowed! Pick a view and click away. When I took my original photo for day 26, we were wanting to get a new comforter set but waiting until we actually moved to get it. We have moved and still no new set. Soon, though!

Day 27
Photo assignment: date book or calendar
Take a photo of whatever helps keep you organized. If it isn't a date book or calendar, then take a photo of your to-do list. Maybe you keep everything on an electric device, so whatever it is, click away!

Day 28
Photo assignment: YOU!
Don't forget, you are important and deserve a place in your scrapbooks and in the mini-album you are creating. For this one, you can hand the camera over to someone else, set the timer, or just hold your arm out (that's what I did!) and click.