The Georgia Aquarium

Shelby wearing her dolphin mask. When we were leaving the aquarium, this is what she picked from the gift shop as her "prize."

Who knew the world's largest aquarium would be in Atlanta, Georgia? Not me. During our family trip to Atlanta, we decided the Georgia Aquarium was a must see. I've heard tons of people rave about it and since Shelby loves all animals, it was the perfect fit.

Let me tell you, this place does not disappoint. There are fish EVERYWHERE. Above you. Below you. All around you. It's awesome.

The Georgia Aquarium is well known not just for its size but for some of the really cool sea animals it houses. There are whale sharks, giant sting rays, Beluga whales, California sea lions, sea otters and African black-footed penguins ... just to name a few. A plethora of amazing things to see and touch (yep, there are lots of touch pools where you can pet a sting ray or a garden eel).
Shelby really loved it. It was right up here alley. And since we could go at our own pace we could race through some exhibits and stay longer at others ... which is great for Shelby right now.

Best of all, the aquarium is great for all ages. Mike and I loved it. It was educational and a lot of fun. If you're ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend the Georgia Aquarium.