CCI Summer Party

The prettiest girl in the world

This weekend, my company had its annual summer party for the US office. The Kalil-family-three headed out to the hot ATL for the festivities. In addition to the summer party, we went to the Georgia Aquarium (pictures to come); ate at Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffle restaurant; and swam at the hotel pool. Very great family time. Shelby did an awesome job on the airplane, what a difference it has been from three and four years old.

Here we are mugging for the camera. Shelby enjoyed hanging out with Lars (the man behind the lens and one of my coworkers) and she kept asking him to take more pictures of her. This photo is a product of one of her many requests.

We played a little softball with all my CCI family. Mike and I were on opposing teams. His team won but I was pretty good at heckling him. Here's a shot of him when he was up to bat

Here's Shelby playing a little ball with Corbin and Jerry (my boss).

And here she is trying to score! We used the horse shoe post to make a little tee and then she could hit the ball off it But she had a little trouble paying attention to her surroundings, and bopped baby Corbin a few times.