Missing in Action

Shelby Rose and Daddy relaxing at our hotel in San Diego

We've been missing in action ... well, blog action that is, since we've had a lot going on. We went on vacation and have been enjoying lots of family time and generally relaxing.

Shelby and I headed out on vacation first (we left Daddy behind to keep working, sorry Mike). We drove to Palmdale and hung out with Auntie Jennie, Grammy, Emma, Gracie and a bunch of other folks we love and cherish (Meg and Kelsi, that's you). A highlight of our stop in Palmdale was Shelby got to play with some one's little chihuahua, which prompted her to ask for another dog (umm, no way. Two is enough). She kept calling the dog a Chuwowwow, so it was pretty hard to resist! It (the dog) was so stikin' cute and small. Shelby was just mesmerized by him.

Of course all the time spent with Emma and Gracie was pretty much the best thing ever for Shelb. She can play so much better with the big girls now that she's four. It's great to watch them together. Emma is so nurturing and Gracie is a character, funny as can be.

After swimming, playing and lots of scrapping (or at least getting together to scrap), Shelb and I headed to San Diego where we met up with Mike, Nana and Big Mike.

We did all the typical San Diego sort of things ... the World Famous San Diego Zoo (slide show above), Sea World, Old Town, etc. We had a GREAT time. It was quite relaxing and we really enjoyed our time there.

Here's the big guy, the one and only Shamu. It's been quite some time since I had been to Sea World ... so it was like going for the first time. What stuck with me the most about going to Sea World and the Zoo was the emphasis each placed on saving the environment and taking better care of the world around us. I left both places wanting to be a better steward of the Earth.

Shelby and Nana watching Shamu, Nana's favorite show at Sea World. Shelby wanted to be right up front in the splash zone. Nana and I had to pass on that. Shelby ended up getting soaked while playing in the new Sesame Street section of Sea World, so everyone was happy!

San Diego was great. And it's so close to Tucson, only about a 5 and half hours by car (that's even with children and having to make a couple of stops). I can't wait to go back!