Neighborhood fun

I have been meaning to post some of these pictures for awhile now. We haven't made a ton of friends in our neighborhood .. until now, thanks to Shelby, her friendly spirit and her trampoline. About 6 weeks about she was out back jumping away and I could hear her yelling. I thought she was yelling to me as I made dinner in the kitchen. I went outside and she was having a conversation with a bunch of neighbor kids just outside our front gate. She invited them over to jump on her trampoline and the rest is history ... we now are the neighborhood hangout. We've even made friends with some of these kids' parents, so much so we went on a double date with one couple.

Anyway. One evening when all the kids were over, Mike broke out a watermelon and we had a little picnic/party on our driveway.

Shelby loves to hangout with her new friends. She loves them, really loves them. Whenever we pull into the garage at the end of the day, she begs me to keep the garage door open so the kids will know she's home ... and will be able to come over. Shelby and her little compadres have been planning (scheming about) a sleepover for the future. They keep asking me when they can do it. Is tonight the night? Hoe about tomorrow. I finally broke down and agreed to one day this weekend. So, be thinking of me when I have three little girls having a crazy slumber party this weekend!