A little time in Flagstaff

What a look of love. I adore this picture of Grace looking at Shelby. It's just so precious.

Shelby and I took a drive up north to Flagstaff ... we heard some cute girls were in town. And we weren't disappointed at what we found! We had a awesome visit with Emma, Gracie, Auntie Jennie, Grammy and Papa Rod.

Emma was going to day camp while we were there, so Jen and I took Shelby and Grace swimming one day. There is a cool indoor pool at the Flagstaff Athletic Club. Gracie was such a great little helper and kept Shelby entertained for hours. We were the first people to arrive at the pool and the last to leave. We have little water babies.

Grace and Shelby play quite well together ... when it's just the two of them. Add Emma to the mix and it gets a little tricky. Three kids can be tough, one is always left out or two of them gang up on the other one. But all in all, all three girls had a great time together. They search for bugs, butterflies and flowers on Grammy's beautiful property. The had a Hannah Montana dance party. They read stories together. It's sweet to watch them all interact.

See, they can get along. Granted, it didn't last forever ... but for the moment it was great! And just so sweet!