Who knew?

Shelby is pretty strong willed (like her mother). Lately, I have been having a bit of trouble getting her to listen. I've tried everything. Nothing really deters her. You can yell, scream, send her to time out ... and she'll just keep doing whatever it is she's not suppose to be doing.

Well, out of desperation we came up with a new way of dealing with her tantrums and not listening. I made her a "Responsibility Chart" that lists all the things she has to take care of each day, like getting dressed and feeding Cassius. And if she takes care of all her responsibilities and behaves (no tantrums, back talk or general naughtiness), then she gets to keep all the privileges she loves so much. She REALLY doesn't like it when you tell her she can't watch a movie, jump on her trampoline, play with her friends or have a treat. She's much more motivated by losing her privileges than anything else. And it even works at school (she was having a little trouble with nap time). If her teachers tell us she's been naughty at school then she loses TWO privileges (we call it getting in double trouble). So, she's been quite proud at the end of each school day to report that she was perfectly behaved.

I had no idea it would be this easy. But seriously, since we've started this whole program, it's so much easier to get Shelby to listen and do the things we need her to do. Who knew?